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Impressionable young men who have been romantically spurned for one reason or another often turn to the Internet for answers. What they'll find there can be disturbing.

Welcome to the "Manosphere," a loosely connected network of online communities including men's rights activists, pick-up artists, social conservatives, organized misogynist groups and "men going their own way."

The various websites of the Manosphere are primarily defined by their outlook on masculinity or, as progressive site RationalWiki calls it, their "collective obsession with feminism and the weird way in which they express both a strong desire and a profound distaste for women."

Central hubs of the Manosphere include websites like A Voice for Men, a website run by a "deadbeat dad" turned anti-feminist activist named Paul Elam and pick-up artist communities like /r/TheRedPill, a corner of Reddit where angry young men and pick-up artist gather to swap strategies and talk about why women are so weak and emotional.

They are collectively responsible for some of the world's worst misogynist trolling, from submitting fake rape reports to universities to protest a new anonymous rape reporting system to defending accused murderers  because the justice system is biased against men.

Here are some of the strange bits of advice you might pick up while trawling the Manosphere.

1. If women can't take the heat, they should go back to the kitchen.

Source: Amanda Mariano Rozas/YouTube
Source: Amanda Mariano Rozas/YouTube

Women, man. Always unfairly accusing MRAs of harassing them on Twitter when all they've done is turn every online discussion into a screaming match filled with rape and death threats

An MRA posting under the name "coranewbold" on a blog called Men's Rights Quincy sums up the MRA attitude toward debating with the fairer sex online: "When you use a [Twitter hashtag], you're starting a conversation with that tag, meaning everyone within that thread has full-fledged authority to comment on it. This means not just the ones who agree with you, be prepared to fight off the ones that don't agree with you and embrace yourself for anyone who is going to go wild on you."

"You have every right to say WHATEVER you want about it, but once you apply that mark, you cease to be talking about it and are initiating a conversation with people associated with it," coranewbold writes. "Don't like it? Tough [...] If this 'harassment' is so stressful, why [do women] voluntarily put themselves through it?"

2. Don't be a "beta male."

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

The only thing worse than a feminist is a "beta" male, which Manosphere hub Return of Kings describes as a man plagued by "insecurity, fear, stagnation and all-around softness" whose "trivial fears have been hardwired into [their] emotional brains over long periods of time."

On the other hand, alpha males think like a pack leader. While beta males are intimidated by women, alpha males know how to assertively take charge of any situation. 

Things that beta males do include things like helping poor people, using submissive body language and getting hopelessly obsessed with women. Alpha males bench hardcore weightsnever apologize and never get hopelessly obsessed with women, other than when they're obsessing over pick-up tactics

Source: Erik von Markovik of Venusian Arts/The New Statesman
Source: Erik von Markovik of Venusian Arts/The New Statesman

The best way to become an alpha male is to pay $27 (usually $75) for an online self-help guide promising to help you "build confidence ... become fearless ... get jacked ... achieve goals." Don't think too hard about it. Just dip your head (and your wallet) right into that online community of other angry men trying to reverse their fortunes with manly platitudes. What could possibly go wrong?

"We must save the alpha males before they are extinct," Breitbart's Lisa de Pasquale writes.

Finally, don't let any liberal scientist try to tell you alpha males don't actually exist in nature.

3. Love is a battlefield, and women are the enemy.

Source: Colin Anderson/Blend Images/Getty Images
Source: Colin Anderson/Blend Images/Getty Images

"The average young woman today is less concerned about the number of quality men who would commit to her than she is about the number of men who retweet a photo of her breasts," explains a primer to the Manosphere on Men Going Their Own Way. "The Manosphere is the Big Bang of chaotic masculine disruption that will eventually bring into existence a new personal world of freedom for those who choose to be free."

This meme from A Voice for Men's Facebook page demonstrates all the evils feminist activists are fighting to impose upon men.

Source: A Voice For Men
Source: A Voice For Men

Over on /r/TheRedPill, one of the most upvoted posts explains how to verbally put a woman in her place.

Source: /r/theredpill
Source: /r/theredpill

As one dives deeper into the Manosphere, it becomes clear the root of the conflict between men and woman is at least partially innate. Here are some gems from a pinned "list of generalizations which embody fundamental beliefs of the red pill philosophy" on /r/TheRedPill, most of which are aggressive statements meant to demean women.

Women are irrational and inconsistent, they have a capacity for logic but it is not their modus operandi, that is to say that they must exert effort to be logical as it is not their factory setting. A logical woman is easily baited into becoming emotional; women are easy to compromise. Their decisions are based on their current emotional state rather than the abstraction of logic. It's this proclivity to change so quickly which causes them to act inconsistently and in contradiction.

Women are machiavellian in nature, this means they are comparatively proficient at being manipulative versus the typical male. The evolutionary theoretical basis for this is due to smaller size and inferior musculature women had to learn to use men as tools rather than directly oppose them in a physical conflict (as they would undoubtedly lose in all but very few scenarios) this makes the pronunciation of their strength a propensity to be mentally rather than physically violent. Physical violence is outlawed whereas mental abuse is not, this allows women to get their way without being held accountable by a system of law. The law does not legislate interpersonal morality to this extent. Where a man's instinct is to hit, a woman's is to do a big shit in your mind instead.

Always set boundaries, with everyone. Do not be a pushover. This is probably the most important bulletpoint here.

Buying into the last point women have little sympathy for weak men, despite the fairer sex bullshit you may be accustomed to hearing a man is far more likely to assist a weak man financially or emotionally than a woman is.

Women are more selfish than men are in matters of money and love. Man's love is expected to be sacrificial, woman's isn't.

Women love pragmatically and have no capacity to love unconditionally for romantic partners, only their children. Men can love women unconditionally. There is a hierarchy of love: Men > Women > Children.

In an archived A Voice for Men post from 2010, men's rights figurehead Elam suggested retaliatory domestic violence was "not wrong" and proclaimed October "Bash a Violent Bitch Month":

Source: A Voice For Men
Source: A Voice For Men

On a more recent post from A Voice for Men, prominent MRA lawyer Roy Den Hollander argues the emasculation of U.S. men will turn into an actual war: "There is one remaining source of power in which men still have a near monopoly — firearms. At some point, the men in this country will take the Declaration of Independence literally."

4. Swear by the "DEFCOCK" system.

Source: Agro-Know Blog
Source: Agro-Know Blog

In a post applying the mutually assured destruction logic of nuclear warfare to gender relations, prominent anti-feminist writer Roosh V opines men looking to live in a society with traditional gender relations should apply what he calls the DEFCOCK system to potential countries of residence.

DEFCOCK goes from DEFCOCK 5, "completely normal male-female relations in a patriarchal society that believes in a binary gender system"...


Completely normal male-female relations in a patriarchal society that believes in a binary gender system of man and woman. Homosexuality is persecuted. Casual sex is difficult (if not impossible). There is no threat of wifing up a former cock carousel rider and then being divorce raped by her. Provider or tribal game is required to land a woman.

Current examples: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, most Muslim countries
Male safety level: Perfectly safe for men to marry and procreate DEFCOCK 3, where "women have gained masculine traits and delay monogamy to launch a meaningless office career while experimenting with over 25 local and foreign penises"...


Substantial degradation in traditional sex roles where men are beginning to focus on aesthetics, style, and fame seeking. Women have gained masculine traits and delay monogamy to launch a meaningless office career while experimenting with over 25 local and foreign penises to understand how their vaginas respond to various bad boy stimuli. Provider game is beginning to get phased out among women under 30. Some clown game is required in most relationships.

Current examples: Poland, Estonia, Brazil
Male safety level: Great care must be undertaken with female mate selection for marriage; new anti-male legislation is highly likely within 10-year time frame DEFCOCK 1, countries with a "complete absence of traditional sex roles" and with the "institution of marriage reduced to farce."


Complete absence of traditional sex roles. Institution of marriage reduced to farce. Severe threat of imprisonment for men displaying heterosexual or masculine behaviors. Roaming witch mobs actively surveil and monitor men who hint at having normal levels of testosterone. Women are elevated to goddess status while straight men appointed as their sexual servants through both legal action and media shaming.

Male safety level: Unsafe to live, fornicate, marry, or procreate; males must immediately vacate area for their own personal safety, both physical and mental

"Each man has his own preferential DEFCOCK level that gives him the freedom to pursue sexual relations with women who still look and act like women," Roosh V writes. "It's obvious to me that DEFCOCK 3 and 4 provide a band of pleasure and happiness for the average man to live life on his own terms while pursuing a variety of relationship types."

5. Remember your evolutionary psychology.

Source: NBC/Getty Images
Source: NBC/Getty Images

To really act like a hardcore member of the Manosphere, you'll need to read up on evolutionary psychology — the study of how observable psychological traits might be the result of how the human race evolved.

You'll learn new things. For example, A Voice for Men's August Løvenskiolds was able to devise a complete timeline of Homo sapiens' mating habits.

These new terms, in rough historical order, are:

Biomarriage – the first, pre-society pair bonds.
Andromarriage – the legal codification of biomarriage that includes contractual obligations for both men and women.
Phallomarriage – the religious co-option of andromarriage to serve the divine.
Gynomarriage – the current version of andromarriage with no benefits or protections for men's interests.
Egalmarriage – an egalitarian form of marriage we have yet to create.

"Men who selected women based on markers for fertility — youth, breasts, hips and swayback — also were more successful at reproduction," Løvenskiolds writes. "To the dismay of modern feminists, these mate selection preferences still dominate human coupling: Women still swoon for strong, successful men and men still have standards for women's attractiveness."

Even more nuggets of Darwinian wisdom emerge on /r/TheRedPill. One member seems to have solved just why women evolved to be so hysterical.

Source: /r/theredpill
Source: /r/theredpill

One commenter wrote in response to this post:

I agree with this. From my experience, when a woman feels attracted to a man, she will first display submissive, good girl behaviors to charm him. He will consider her practical, cute, harmless and attractive. However, as soon as the man has the lay, she will start and try to take back the territory by voicing expectations. If they aren't immediately met, she will go through emotional outbursts to trick the peace loving, relaxation seeking man into doing all kinds of stuff for her, just so that she's quiet again. It all makes perfect sense if you see it as bio-programming that solely serves procreation.

This guy's friend, who is handling a "large settlement" because women can't be trusted with it, has cracked why dames are so indecisive:

While incredibly intelligent, he comes off a little sheepish but is handling this settlement like a fucking boss. We were having a casual conversation about life, money, and the fact that he was named to settle the trust by the deceased specifically because women are A) catty and will fuck each other over and B) cannot make a decision and stand by it.

I, of course, attribute this to their biology and lack of accountability. They can't help but not make decisions. I bring up the "Where should we eat?" example.

And, always the deep thinker, he pauses for a moment and then drops this gem on me:

"Well, legedu, it's true that they have a hard time deciding a lot of things, but the "What's for dinner?" example shows something else. In her mind, she's ALREADY MADE her decision: she chose you. That was a difficult decision for her, and now she feels she doesn't need to make any more. That's your job."

Mind fucking blown.

Take Away - When a woman chooses you--whether it be for the night, for a month, or for life--that's it. She has made her decision, and her biology will tell her to stick to her decision unless you give her reason not to. You are the pack leader and the shot caller unless you give her reason to feel otherwise.

This theory received enthusiastic additions in the comments section:

Source: /r/theredpill
Source: /r/theredpill

This young Freud has nailed what's behind "girls with daddy issues":

Source: /r/theredpill
Source: /r/theredpill

Once you start applying evolutionary psychology to the study of women, you just might not be able to stop:

Source: /r/theredpill
Source: /r/theredpill

6. Remember that men were the ones who built society

In a post that gave anti-MRA blog We Hunted the Mammoth its name, a Redditor named TheGrendler lays the case for women just owing men everything, including the notion that "we hunted the mammoth to feed you."

We men built a nice safe world for you all the the coal-mines of death, roads, railroads, bridges and tall office buildings. Its $1,000,000 spent per death of a man on a large dangerous project on average now you can just 9-5 it and call it a day in air-conditioned and heated safety. Forget about the wars we died in and the sacrifices made just ignore history or is it now hersorty? You are accruing the benefits without ever having to pay the price you still don't have to sign up for the draft and who will protect you? The Sex and the City girls will fight off the North Koreans with their Manolo Blahniks?

Men gave you this modern world now you take it for granted we hunted the mammoth to feed you we died in burning buildings and were gassed in the trenches but that was just for fun right?

How quick and conveniently you forget who made this possible.

We gave you Leonardo da Vinci, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy not to mention countless others, Jonas Salk saved half the world from death and you just piss on it all.

Shame on you,

You hedonistic, narcissistic, sociopath metastasizing cancer.

Whatever happened to live together die alone?

7. When you realize you can't win, cut ties and lose it.

Source: Photobucket
Source: Photobucket

Sometimes a broad just won't budge. Maybe she's trying to bilk you in a divorce, or had the temerity to get a job promotion you think you deserved more. Perhaps she just rejected you — how dare she!

Destroy your assets!

Source: /r/TheRedPill
Source: /r/TheRedPill

Quit that job!

Source: /r/TheRedPill
Source: /r/TheRedPill

And as for all those women who rejected you, your last resort is your best resort: Double down on all the bitterness and rage in your heart for decades. If you pull this one off right, you can live a woman-free life until ripe into your middle age:

Source: MGTOW Survival Guide
Source: MGTOW Survival Guide

Follow the advice of the Manosphere for a life well lived.

h/t We Hunted the Mammoth for compiling many of the above examples