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This week marks the beginning of the longest running cable TV event, Shark Week, on The Discovery Channel. This popular documentary marathon is a cultural phenomenon that transfixes viewers year after year. The allure of sharks keeps us coming back for dangerous scenes, exciting attacks, and fascinating factoids.
To commemorate the 25th airing of Shark Week, here are 11 reasons why you should be excited about these deadly fish.

1. This barking shark. A native species in New Zealand, draughtsboard sharks release bark like dogs when threatened by a predator. Draughtsboard sharks swim in rocky reefs in the day, and in sandy flats at night.

2. This slow motion shark attack. Dramatic music, great camera work, and great white sharks propelling themselves out of the water: Isn’t that why we watch Shark Week?

3. This Cyclops shark. A commercial fishing crew off the coast of Mexico stumbled upon an albino one-eyed shark fetus. Scientists confirmed that the fetus developed “cyclopia,” a condition that prevents both eyes from developing. While rare, there have been reports of cyclopia in humans and cats.

4. When Ross from Friends re-enacts a shark attack in his new apartment. Granted, Ross is a total nerd, but we can’t help but feel excited about sharks too.

5. This prank. A string trio, a scuba diver, and an unsuspecting bystander… Well, we won’t tell you the rest.

6. When Quint is devoured by the shark in Jaws (1975). From the movie that instilled the fear of sharks in millions of people, the classic is a must-watch during Shark Week. 

7. The special effects in Deep Blue Sea (1999). For a movie made in 1999, Deep Blue Sea used CGI and animatronics to make the shark attacks as realistic and frightening as possible.


8. These Georgetown cupcakes. Normally you can’t eat something this cute during Shark Week, but we can make an exception.

9. This sleeping bag. We’ve never wanted a sleeping bag more. Chumbuddy by Kendra Phillips is a 7-foot plush toy that can also function as a sleeping bag. It’s as if it was intended to fall asleep in front of the television in.


10. Because nothing on television beat the premiere of Shark Week. The Spice Girls, Adele, and One Direction’s performances at the Olympic Closing Ceremony didn’t compare to the gore of the ocean’s deadliest beasts on Sunday, and Batman agrees.

11. And because Chuck Norris said so.