2 American Contractors Dead After Shooting at Jordan Training Center


Two U.S. security contractors and one South African were reportedly killed on Monday by a Jordanian police officer, the Associated Press reports. According to the newswire, the officer opened fire on the contractors at a U.S.-funded police training center in Muwaqqar, Jordan, located to the east of the country's capital city Amman. 

Source: Mic/YouTube

Jordan government spokesperson Mohammad Momani told Reuters that as many as six others were injured in the attack. According to Momani, Jordanian security forces opened fire on the gunman reportedly killing him. The Guardian reports that one of the two wounded Americans is in serious condition. 

The Americans were reporting to the training facility, which, according to Reuters, reports Iraqi and Palestinian security forces typically use for training. The U.S. Embassy did not offer immediate comment, but an investigation has been opened. 

Here are a series of photos of foreign and national security forces participating in training exercises in Jordan:

Source: Maya Alleruzzo/AP
Source: Maya Alleruzzo/AP
Source: Maya Alleruzzo/AP