Watch Adele Prank Adele Impersonators to Tears

Watch Adele Prank Adele Impersonators to Tears

Adele has a distinctive voice. But would you recognize Adele's powerful voice if it came out of Jenny? 

On the day of the release of her sure-to-be-record-breaking-album 25, Adele teamed up with BBC's Graham Norton to prank some Adele impersonators at an audition. Before she mingled with the other Adeles, she revealed herself to Graham Norton with a prosthetic nose and chin. 

Say "Hello" to Jenny.

Aside from her prosthetic makeup, the songstress wore gloves to cover up her tattoos. She also gave Jenny a fake bio: She's a calm, slow-talking nanny. 

When she mingles with the other Adeles, they don't notice they're among the legendary hitmaker. 

Backstage they discuss how long they've impersonated Adele — "Four years," Jenny says — their anticipation for her new music — "She's taking her time," Jenny says — and whether Adele would like the other Adele's acts. 

At one point, Jenny gets very anxious.

After taking the stage, Jenny misses her entrance and the other Adeles know she's nervous. Then she begins to sing. 

Finally, Norton comes out and the Adeles know what's up. One Adele impersonator described herself as "gobsmacked."

You can watch the full encounter below: