Adele's US Tour Sells Out in Minutes and the Internet is Outraged
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Adele's US Tour Sells Out in Minutes and the Internet is Outraged

"Hello from the ticket line," tweeted one frustrated Adele Thursday morning. "I've clicked refresh a thousand times," to no avail, most likely: tickets to the eagerly anticipated North American tour (which begins July 5 in St. Paul, Minnesota and ends Nov. 15 in Mexico City, Mexico) for Adele's record-smashing 25 sold out in minutes. Twitter erupted in outrage; #adeletickets has been trending since.

Those "scum of the earth" resalers might be more appropriately labeled evil geniuses. On StubHub, tickets are going for as much as $3,500. 

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Benevolent ticket scalper Marks Tickets has tickets, too — for a price. Here's what a fan can expect to pay for Adele tickets in a few cities on her tour:

In Philadelphia, from $267 to $4,695 each!

At New York's Madison Square Garden, from $339 to $10,680 each!

In Los Angeles, from $356 to $4740 each!

In Chicago, from $267 to $8,900 each!

In Boston, from $260 to $8,896 each!

In Washington, D.C., from $240 to $7,120 each!

In Miami, from $258 to $9,612 each!

There is, however, no guarantee that this site — which is all over Craigslist — won't fleece users. 

Interested parties had better act fast — these deals won't last forever!