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Ready to spice up your Instagram newsfeed — and subsequently, your life? Among those posting countless selfies and bleeding eardrum-inducing dub smashes are a few accounts set out to show the world the graceful beauty of food and drink. Since the dawn of Instagram, foodies have logged on to post drool-worthy pictures of food. And it's paying off as a lucrative opportunity for those with the eye for delicious detail and big brands alike. 

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Source: Brian B. Bettencourt/Getty Images
Source: Brian B. Bettencourt/Getty Images

From celebrity chefs to those with a passion for the culinary arts, here are the best Instagram accounts to follow if you're looking for a edible inspiration:

1. @jamieoliver

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If there is someone out there who can make a plate of greens look majestic to anyone (even those non-broccoli eaters), it has to be celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The Emmy winner is also a cookbook author and owner of multiple restaurants, according to the Guardian. Basically, when it comes to food, Oliver knows what's up. 

2. @spoonforkbacon

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Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park take food photography to the next level with their food Instagram account, which is famous for its beautiful dishes. But it's no tease, since accompanying recipes are usually included. 

3. @culinarybrodown

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Los Angeles magazine associate food editor Josh Scherer's career revolves around food. He's also a pro at showing us the delicious-looking insides of meals.

4. @dehappy5_mama

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The bright and colorful collections of fruits and veggies on this Instagram account prove that raw food may be nature's paint palette. 

5. @danseidman

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Daniel Seidman uses simplicity and a clean presentation to let his food speak (volumes) for itself.

6. @infatuation

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From savory to sweet, there is bound to be one post on the Infatuation's Instagram that'll make you pause and daydream. The owners of the account cover ground in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. No fork left unturned.

7. @alifewortheating

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Adam Goldberg's Instagram handle really says it all. As the editor in chief of two food and travel magazines— Ambrosia and Drift — Goldberg knows how to entice audiences with stunning images of food and wanderlust. 

8. @bonappetitmag

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The list wouldn't be complete without food magazine Bon Appetit's own Instagram account. From chef-featured tutorial videos to aerial stills of a pizza so cheesy it looks like it's about to drip off the screen, if you're only going to follow one food account, let it be this one. 

Is anyone else hungry now?