5 of the Most Memorable Tiffany Pollard Moments on Reality TV

5 of the Most Memorable Tiffany Pollard Moments on Reality TV

Tiffany Pollard, also known by her TV name, "New York," is one of the most notable (and most divisive) figures ever to hit reality television. Amazingly, Pollard is still making waves on TV, 10 years after her debut on VH1's 2006 show Flavor of Love, now as a contestant on Celebrity Big BrotherIn celebration of a decade of Tiffany Pollard, here is a countdown of her five most memorable reality TV moments.

5. When New York "went to work"

Somewhere in between 2008's New York Goes to Hollywood and Pollard's present day reality TV comeback, she made a show called New York Goes to Work, in which Pollard had to have normal-people jobs like working at a doggie day care, a fast food drive through and as an exterminator. She also had to be a clown. Here's what Pollard had to say about going into a manhole while "working" as a sewer worker: "You want me to climb in that dirty slimy asshole of the Earth?" How is it possible that this show never had a second season?

4. When New York's mom was there

On the first season of Pollard's spin-off dating competition show I Love New York, she got some help in judging the men from her protective mother, Sister Patterson. Patterson spent the season lurking around the house, being hilariously judgmental and suspicious and saying things like, "He's my little spy, and he's going to feed me lots and lots of information."

3. When New York named all her dudes

Just a friendly reminder that, on the first season of I Love New York, here are the nicknames she gave to the men who were competing for her love: 12 Pack, Ace, Bonez, Boston, Chance, Heat, Jersey, Onix, Pootie, Real, Rico, Romance, T-Bone, T-Money, Tango, Token, Trends, Tweet, White Boy and Wood. And then they had to use those names for the whole show.

2. When New York DGAF

After Pollard was eliminated from the iconic "dating" show Flavor of Love, then brought back for Flavor of Love season two only to be eliminated again, she was understandably peeved. But, as Pollard memorably told the camera after being eliminated for the second time, "I don't give a fuck. Do I look like I give a fuck? Because I don't." Words to live by.

1. When Pumpkin spit on her

Pollard appeared on the first season of Flavor of Love in 2006, in which women had to compete in various humiliating and sexist tasks (and give up their real names) to win over musician Flavor Flav. Naturally, things got a little heated on set, and during one unforgettable elimination ceremony, a feud between Pumpkin and Pollard, aka New York, escalated out of control, culminating in Pumpkin spitting right in Pollard's face, after which Pollard tried pretty hard to beat her up. Yup, we're still not over that.