Can You Spot What the Hell Is Going On in This "Accidental Escher" Photo?

Can You Spot What the Hell Is Going On in This "Accidental Escher" Photo?

Is this the new Dress?

A reality-bending photo of two men on a vehicle by a bridge can't stop going viral. It blew up back in summer 2015 and now it's taking off again, thanks to a Reddit post on Sunday and a few tweets aggregating it. 

Called "Accidental Escher," after the perspective-warping Dutch artist, the photo shows the guys apparently standing on top of a truck while also standing next to a bridge. It's impossible. It'll make your head spin. It's also deceptively simple.

What's really going on? Is it Photoshop? A cruel viral hoax? Nah, just an optical illusion.

Check it out. The machine they're standing on is a cherry-picker extending toward the camera:

One helpful Redditor sketched the angle you're not seeing:


People on Reddit are developing some alternate theories. According to Business Insider:

Some Redditors claim the true optical illusion is actually the traffic cone that appears to float above the head of the construction worker standing on the ground — but we'll let you decide which is more impressive.

The cone does appear to be floating above the man's head, like the diamond over a Sims character.

Now you've certainly got enough knowledge to explain it to your friends when they freak out, just like they did a year ago, when a dress could be seen in two ways. And you can pacify them when they bicker over how one should view the bridge photo, just like you did when a dog wore pants in two ways. The social web is a flat circle, and soon we shall be divided again.