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Kanye West might have finally met his match. Canadian producer and electronic artist Deadmau5 is clapping back at the Chi-town rapper, who has a knack for engaging in unnecessary Twitter rants and feuds — though, to be fair to Yeezy, he started it. The "Strobe" performer is upping the ante against Yeezy, telling him to save his money for a "4th grade education."

Deadmau5 was perusing Twitter Tuesday afternoon when he spotted Ye's post, teasing fans about some upcoming music from the studio with a screenshot of his computer screen. He replied, "What the fuck @KanyeWest... Can't afford serum? Dick," referencing West's open computer tabs, which reveal the artist may have been illegally downloading Serum audio software from Pirate Bay.

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"Let's start a Kickstarter to help @KanyeWest afford a copy of Serum," he continued. "He needs a small loan of $200 #PrayForYeezy." As Mic previously reported, Serum audio software, a synthesizing tool for electronic music production, costs $189. This, of course, was the straw that broke Yeezy's back. 

Deadmau5, who maintains consistent communication with fans across Twitter on a near daily basis, would only let West go on so long before he came back swinging. 

The exchange went on for some time, as any typical petty back-and-forth high school drama goes:

Deadmau5 seemed to end the pettiness with a simple tweet:

Correction: March 3, 2016 
A previous version of this story reported that Deadmau5 saw and replied to Kanye West's tweet on Wednesday. He saw and replied to it on Tuesday.