This Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial Promises to Make Your Face Great Again

This Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial Promises to Make Your Face Great Again

Ever wondered how you get the Donald Trump look? The orange-y complexion, the barely visible lip line, the powder white raccoon eyes? Well, grab a bag of Cheetos, because now you can.

Actress Tess Paras from the CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is on a mission to make your face great again. To do so, she's giving a quick crash course in the high art of "Trumping."

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"I'm really excited to make your face great again!" Paras begins her video, in the soothing peppy tone of YouTube beauty vloggers. 

In the video, Paras suggests picking a concealer 10 times lighter than your skin tone ("you can use any shade that's really light and makes you look really dehydrated."). 

As for lips, her only suggestion: something that makes you look like you've been running your mouth all day. How will you know you're done? "When it looks like a chapped anus," she says.

For bronzer: orange, obviously.

Final step: Hammer on some Cheetos until they form a finely milled powder, put on your goggles and apply the Cheetos directly to your face. 

"My skin broke out... but I think it was worth it," Paras told Mic. All you need now is to run a comb through anyone's hair but your own and boom: You're Donald Trump.

"After watching the amazing John Oliver segment on Trump, I was inspired," Paras told Mic. All I could think about was how so many people aren't taking a closer look at all the irresponsible, inflammatory and xenophobic things he says. I thought that a beauty vlogger character would be a fun vehicle to really draw attention to that. If it's easy for all of us to criticize a woman for the precision of her eyeliner, we can make the effort to hold a mirror up to Donald Trump for his actions."

So is there anything Paras likes about the Donald? "He's a shining example that we can achieve a lot when we communicate at a simple, fourth-grade level." Also: "He brought us The Apprentice, and that was a very entertaining show."

So will we be getting a Trump hair tutorial any time soon? "I did consider it for a moment, but I think all things Trump are jumping the shark at this point," she said. "At least, I hope they are, for the sake of all of us."

Check out the full tutorial below:

h/t Huffington Post