8 Signs Yoga Is Currently the Most Important Thing in Your Life

8 Signs Yoga Is Currently the Most Important Thing in Your Life

You have the expensive clothes, you try to push it onto your friends as if they haven't watched Breaking Bad yet, and you damn well know it's a healthy habit. At this point, going to yoga may be one of the few things you actually look forward to when you wake up in your sad and empty existence. 

You don't have to hide how hooked you are to the exercise. In fact everyone probably already knows. Here are eight signs that yoga is taking over your life. 

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1. You've bought more pairs of yoga pants in the past year than you've had romantic relationships in your entire life.

2. You're so flexible it actually freaks out the majority of your friends and co-workers.

3. You don't ever leave your house without your yoga mat — no matter where you're going.

4. You recommend poses to people when they complain like a peon.

5. You say "om" like it's a formal greeting in any social setting, which also freaks people out.

6. You plan your vacations with yoga in mind — sorry, Siberia and secluded ocean hotels

7. You also formally greet people with "namaste," and they instantly judge you.

8. Downward-facing dog is a reflexive action at this point (like Pavlov's dogs).