Best GIFs of Tina Belcher From 'Bob's Burgers' That Prove She's God’s Greatest Gift to Us

Best GIFs of Tina Belcher From 'Bob's Burgers' That Prove She's God’s Greatest Gift to Us

Bob's Burgers has received mountains of praise from critics, but even granted the impressively high standards set by the animated comedy series as a whole, there's one shining star who should be put on an especially high pedestal all her own: Tina Belcher. With her porcelain horse — the aptly named "Horselain" — and her endless romantic quest to capture Jimmy Junior's undying love, Tina is the perfect, awkward teen we didn't know we needed in our lives But boy are we glad she's here. 

"Tina is a hero for a different age," Sonia Saraiya wrote for the A.V. Club. "If millennials are going to crown ourselves the generation of New Sincerity — and we will, because despite our pretensions to irony, all we want from the world is sincerity — then Tina Belcher is our queen." 

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We could all learn a thing or two from Tina about love, life and butts — so here's 13 of the best GIFs of God's greatest gift to humankind:

Be confident.

Make the best of your surroundings.

Look fabulous in anythin.

OK, that was a lot of intense life lessons all at once. Take a butt break.

Alright, back to life lessons: Did we already say be confident? Tina really wants you to be confident. 


Try new things, even if they throw you into a tense, hypnotic state.

Alright, that was exhausting. Time for another butt break. 

Be punny — people love puns. 

Dedicate yourself to your hobbies. They're your passions. 

"Mansplain" to a man — oh, the irony.

OK, that's enough life lessons for one day. Store these GIFs in your memory bank — we recommend filing them near the butts.