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We've all stuck a Post-It somewhere and been met with a giant air bubble between the Post-It and the surface.

Here's the thing, though: Chances are, you've been using Post-Its all wrong, forever. 

Likely scenario: You've been peeling sticky notes from the bottom up.

Source: Mic
Source: Mic

Life-changing advice: Rip sticky notes from the side, right below where the sticky part ends. It will leave you with a flat sticky note that lies flawlessly against a surface.

Source: Mic
Source: Mic

This epic tutorial on best practices for Post-Its was catalogued by blogger Martin Schapendonk.

Now go back to your Post-It pad refreshed and ready. You've officially won the battle with non-flat sticky notes.

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Correction: March 17, 2016
A previous version of this post credited this Post-It how-to to Mark Schapendonk. The blogger who posted the tutorial is named Martin Schapendonk.