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One man who feels he has been rejected by women for being too "nice" appears to have finally done something about it. Specifically, he wrote up a PSA in Times New Roman, printed it out and stuck it to a window with the help of some sad-looking black duct tape.

The result is a page-long cry for help, which is basically an educational brochure re: the phenomenon of Nice Guy Syndrome.

According to Twitter user Matt Pops Collins, the sign was spotted "all over town" on Wednesday. (Possibly Toronto, if his Twitter bio is up to date and he wasn't traveling on March 10th at 8:29 p.m.; Mic has reached out for comment and will update if we hear back.) Other Twitter users have remarked that the sign is pure trash and "couldn't be less creepy if it were written on human skin."

This isn't the first time the note has made the rounds on the internet. Back in January, it made the rounds on Tumblr when fenrufenrifenny posted the letter, saying she found it on her dorm room wall. She then posted her (frankly, pretty badass) response: 

Dear Sir,
If you're watching some girl you like getting hurt by another guy STOP WHINING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING. Don't leave some anonymous note on a dorm wall. If you know someone is being hurt DO. SOME.THING.
If you want to play the "good guy" you need to rethink your intentions. If you're only doing it for gratification, then you aren't being the good guy. Did Batman give up on Gotham because people weren't thanking him for saving the city?
You know what I really want? I want respect. I want people to respect that I'd rather not walk with a stranger in the middle of the night. I want people to respect that I can defend myself. I want people to respect that WOMAN CAN DO THINGS WITHOUT A GENTLEMAN TO HELP.
You want to be a gentleman and a good guy? Start with changing the way you and other men see women. We aren't fragile things you need to defend. We're people. Keep holding doors open, keep being friendly, just don't expect things in return. You aren't owed anything in this world. 
If you want us to be less afraid of the world, then change the world. Don't try to change us.

Whoa. Let's get this dude some aloe vera for that burn. 

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