13 Photos Of the Massive Anti-Corruption Protests Rocking Brazil

13 Photos Of the Massive Anti-Corruption Protests Rocking Brazil

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets of major Brazilian cities on Sunday to demonstrate against the alleged corruption of President Dilma Rousseff and her ruling Workers' Party, who are facing a growing probe into corruption at state-run energy company Petrobras.

According to NBC News, officials estimate the crowds may be bigger than March 2015 rallies which drew up to one million people.

The Associated Press additionally reported the protesters are demanding Rousseff's resignation amid the far-reaching scandal as well as a deep recession and high inflation. Though Rousseff's administration faces the brunt of the movement, officially the protesters represent no opposition movement and many are angry at Brazil's entire political class.

"She (Rousseff) has to go," unemployed Sao Paulo metal worker Patricio Gonzaga told the AP. "She is the person responsible for the mess our economy is in — the inflation, recession and unemployment. She is to blame for me being unemployed and having trouble supporting my family."

"Of course I want to see Rousseff booted out," retired Rio de Janeiro schoolteacher Maria de Lima Pimenta also told the AP. "But then the problem becomes, who will replace her? They're all crooks."