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A very concerned Australian mom claims that a Kellogg's Special K commercial has left her 7-year-old son permanently psychologically damaged (LOL) because it features a lesbian kiss (LOLOLOL).

The commercial features a cast of women going about their lives while a narrator encourages women to love themselves by saying things like, "What if we tell that little voice inside that tells us we aren't good enough to shut up?" And then a couple of scary evil witch lesbians with designs on indoctrinating vulnerable young children proceed to kiss.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Here is what the mom reportedly wrote to Australia's Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) in regards to the Special K ad:

The ad should consider the well-being of the younger generations of children and families as well as everyone else.

I object to the kiss. Must we have the lesbian message shoved in our faces all the time. My 7-year-old boy doesn't need that happening in his lounge room.

The ad was shown during family viewing time and included two women kissing as a couple in an attempt to normalize this behavior.

Here is what Kellogg's had to say in response:

We respectfully submit that whilst some individuals may be offended, the advertisement does not depict the scene in a way that vilifies a person or section of the community, including on account of religion or sexual preference.

A scene briefly portraying two women kissing, in the context of an advertisement that celebrates the reality of female diversity, cannot be regarded as discriminating against or vilifying consumers with religious or other beliefs in a manner contrary to the AANA Code.

The ASB, which dismissed the woman's complaint, echoed Kellogg's response: 

The board considered that in this instance a brief depiction of a woman kissing a woman was not sexualised and in the context of depictions of confident women and loving relationships this scene was not gratuitous or inappropriate.

This is far from the first time a parent has freaked out over a same-sex kiss in a commercial — the most recent example being the outrage over a same-sex foot massage in a Chobani yogurt ad. And yet Brands continue their nefarious furthering of the homosexual agenda!

You can watch the entire clip below. The brief shot of the two ladies kissing is at the 0:49 mark. Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife!

Source: YouTube

h/t Queerty