The first question to surface in most readers' minds after digesting that headline may well have been, "Do goldfish even have teeth?"

In fact they do. They have tiny, molar-like teeth in their tiny throats. That's not where Mr. Hot Wing — orthodontic marvel of the aquatic world — got his custom fish braces, though. As Mashable reported, the pioneering goldfish was recently outfitted with a special device to keep his mouth open. 

Mr. Hot Wing and his hot new orthodontic installation. Source: Mic/YouTube
Mr. Hot Wing and his hot new orthodontic installation.  Mic/YouTube

It sits on his face, outside of his little fish lips, so really, it's more like headgear. But, semantics — the point is that Mr. Hot Wing, whom Mashable reports was born without a bottom jaw bone — can now eat and breathe without issue, thanks to the ingenious Dr. Brian Palmeiro at Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Palmeiro crafted the braces from a piece of credit card and installed them on the fish's face for about $150. 

Even for the smallest of creatures, orthodontia comes with a hefty price tag. 

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