Rosario Dawson Delivers Passionate Introduction for Bernie Sanders

Rosario Dawson Delivers Passionate Introduction for Bernie Sanders

Actress Rosario Dawson believes presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is the United States' only shot at peace, justice and equality

She believes this because he voted against the Iraq war twice, marched with Martin Luther King Jr. for civil rights and because he's fighting for radical change.

And she believes young people have the power to get Sanders elected.

In a passionate speech introducing the Vermont Sen. at a rally in San Diego Wednesday, Dawson talked about why she thinks it's important young people not only engage with Sanders' campaign on social media but get out there and vote and recruit others to vote as well. 

"I have been doing voter registration for 11 years," she said to the crowd at the Sanders rally, "and I can tell you the one question I'm asked over and over and over and over and over again is 'where are the young people?'"

"Right. Here."

"Where are people coming together under one umbrella with one vision for a future that we can all dream and believe in?"

"Right. Here."

Here are some other highlights from the fiery speech:

"The youth has been on the right side of history on every issue."

"They talked about those hippie college kids when they were protesting against Vietnam"

"Martin Luther King Jr. — who Bernie Sanders walked with — couldn't have gotten and done what he did if it weren't for high school students who said 'I'm not afraid to do a sit in.'"

"And it's really time that we make them listen."

"This is for our future. For my children, your children, our great grandchildren and beyond."

"So make sure that you're not just liking this on Facebook, but that you're bringing ten people, at least, each of you...across the states and talk to them and say this is what is at stake."

"And make sure this isn't just reflected here among ourself and just in memory but something that has pushed through and we get to see in the history books."

"Because history is written by the winners. So we must win."

*Mic drop.*

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