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The scary powers of acetone, commonly found in nail polish remover, were put on full display with a YouTube video that went up on March 23 by the channel Let's Melt This. In the video, a plate filled with acetone quickly dissolves a styrofoam coffee cup into a glob of goo. 

Styrofoam is made up of airy polystyrene foam, which was once banned in New York for being environmentally dangerous. Polystyrene, which may also be found in plastic yogurt cups and razors, is dissolvable in most organic solvents. 

Acetone is a solvent naturally found in volcanic gases and some plants, but it's also easily found in nail polish and other household cleaning products, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine

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Source: LET'S MELT THIS/YouTube
Source: LET'S MELT THIS/YouTube

Nail polish often contains acetone as the most effective way to break down nail polish, according to Self. But it's harsh on humans, drying out skin and causing dizziness if too much is breathed in.

Source: YouTube