The "iPhone 6 Knees Challenge" Has Women Hiding Their Legs Behind Their Phones

The "iPhone 6 Knees Challenge" Has Women Hiding Their Legs Behind Their Phones

Apple's iPhone screen size is now directly correlated with making women feel like shit. 

The iPhone 6 knees challenge, which is going viral in China, "proves" you are "skinny" if you can cover your knees with the iPhone 6. Whether it is the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (we also spotted a few iPhone 5s), it doesn't fucking matter — this is yet another body-shaming trend with zero nutritional evidence.

"It has become a new generation of standard legs," says one post on Chinese social media app Weibo says, followed by a flood of photos of iPhones held over women's kneecaps. 

At the time of writing this, "iPhone6 legs" has nearly 84 million viewers and 72,000 comments on Weibo. 

This body-shaming trend freshly follows the A4 paper fitness challenge, in which women in China tested the narrowness of their waists by trying to hide them behind a sheet of A4 paper. 

And don't forget January's #UnderboobChallenge and June's bizarre belly button challenge. Virtually every month, there's a new meme that sets arbitrary, uncomfortable beauty standards. What fun will they roll out next? Can you fit an Apple Watch around your ankle? Get into the fetal position and hide your entire body behind an iPad Pro? The possibilities are endless.

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