JCPenney, don't you know you aren't supposed to wear white when you are on your period?  

One particular skirt from the retailer, caught by this Imgur user's eye while scrolling through a recent catalog, shows what was meant to be a flower, looking a heck of a lot like Mother Nature came calling a few days early. 

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Just take a look at the photo, which is appropriately captioned "really could've picked a better place for that 'flower' design."

See?! This is like playing a game of "what do you see in the blob?"

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur

While the catalog image seems to be a bad angle (it doesn't look as period-like in the product still on the JCPenney website — more like a colorful sonogram, TBH), we are still very confused as to why the retailer chose to place the "flower" there of all places. 

It could've been shorter, a different color or — here's an idea — simply not directly over the crotch.

Source: JCPenney
Source: JCPenney

If the catalog photo tells us anything about how we we would look walking to work with coffee, a purse and this unfortunate looks-like-a-stain skirt, it's that heads will be turning — and not in a good way. 

Source: SideWinderVx/Giphy

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