You've Been Chopping Onions the Wrong Way Your Whole Life

You've Been Chopping Onions the Wrong Way Your Whole Life

Learning how to chop an onion like your favorite TV show chef can take a lot of practice (and nicked fingers). From their difficult shape, annoying peel and propensity to make you tear up, having a recipe that requires a chopped onion may make you want to grab a microwavable meal instead

But, you don't need to be a professional chef or order questionable infomercial goods to chop an onion like a pro. YouTube life-hack expert Dave Hax has exactly what you need to quickly and efficiently chop an onion: an afro pick.

In the video, Hax appropriates an afro pick to deftly chop an onion — and even make onion rings.

First, you chop the ends off the onion and peel as normal.

To dice the onion, cut it in half then stick the pick through the top and slice through the teeth.

To make onion rings, all you need to do is stand the whole onion on it's side, stick the comb through the middle and slice away.

You can also give cucumbers, tomatoes and lemons the afro pick treatment. 

The afro pick: More than just a tool to get seriously badass hair.

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