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The Twitterverse is alive with trending topics #EmptyChairDay and #eastwooding, showcasing thousands of pictures of empty chairs celebrating Clint Eastwood's speech at the RNC last week. While many were puzzled by Eastwood's speech, and the actor's performance "saddened" critic Roger Ebert, the empty chair meme has caught on, at least for the time being.

Here seven of the best tributes to Eastwood's RNC chat with the empty chair.

1) Maybe Eastwood was addressing President Obama's job performance. 

President's Job Council
President's Job Council

2) Vice President Joe Biden probably misspoke. 

3) A more basic approach.

Oval Office
Oval Office

4) An empty chair campaigning in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


5) An empty chair makes its appearance at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in 2009.

(Note: The empty chair is a tradition when a Nobel Peace Prize winner cannot attend the ceremony, or has passed away.  It is not an empty chair meant for President Obama.) 

6) If Democrats had the graphic design team in 2008, other talent has arisen in the past four years.


7) And, of course - the empty chairs that the President didn't build.

BONUS: If you just can't get enough Clint, AMC is airing an all-Eastwood Labor Day marathon.