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It seems like we have technology for the most inane purposes, such as the indomitable bread toasting knife, but now, dog food company Pedigree might have created the most important tech to-date. Working with Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid, Pedigree developed the Posting Tail, a high-tech dog kit featuring a wearable camera and sensors fitted for your best friend.  

It answers the important existential question of what kind of photos your dog would share on social media, based on its happiness. Essentially, the tech gets strapped around the dog's back and detects when a dog wags its tail in excitement. Then, it grabs a photo of that moment. 

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Now, what a dog might post is a tad predictable — going to the park, taking a walk, playing with a ball, getting a bowl of food. However, as a video about the product explains, the Posting Tail also has a GPS, which can determine where a dog feels most happy. While it's not going to market just yet (if ever), you can win a one-week trial for your dog here, though it may be limited to participants from Spain . 

If any further proof is needed that this would be a fun experiment, check out the video of the Posting Tail in action below. 

Source: YouTube

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