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Kesha made a surprise appearance on stage at Coachella during Zedd's Saturday night set at the California music festival. The embattled pop star — who just lost her fight in court to remove herself from the Sony music label after alleging she had been sexually abused by one of their music producers, Dr. Luke — took the stage during the DJ's empowering single "True Colors" with a truly moving performance. 

While Kesha might be known by the masses for upbeat dance hits like "Tik Tok" and "Blah Blah Blah," the 29-year-old singer flexed her vocal range while performing with Zedd, with audience members posting videos of her rendition across social media.

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"True Colors" focuses on breaking the confines preventing someone's true identity from being revealed. It's also the title track for Zedd's sophomore 2015 album, released by Interscope Records — not Sony. 

"I won't apologize, for the fire in my eyes, let me show you my true colors," Kesha sang to the cheering crowd. Earlier in the day, the singer posted a photo to Instagram along with the caption, "tonight has a magic to it." 

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Watch the full performance below (Kesha's vocal adroitness is clearly evident near the three minute mark):

Source: YouTube