8 Things Vegans Are Sick of Hearing From Meat Eaters

8 Things Vegans Are Sick of Hearing From Meat Eaters

If there's anything a vegan hates more than a bleeding steak, it's the accusing eye rolls and barrages of questions they often face from skeptical meat eaters. Veganism, the dietary practice of eschewing animal products, including dairy, has gained traction in the United States in recent years and is often touted as a healthier and more ethical alternative to traditional red meat- and dairy-heavy diets. 

Some vegans cite animal cruelty as the reason behind their veganism. Others say it's about avoiding the harmful saturated fats and cholesterol typically found in red meat products. Whatever the reason, nearly every vegan will have to defend their meat-less ways at some point.

Here are 8 things vegans are sick and tired of hearing from combative meat lovers: 

1. "But humans are supposed to eat meat!" 

2. "If you don't eat meat, how do you get enough protein?" 

3. "Do you eat fish?"

4. "So, you only eat salads?" 

5. "Try this [insert type of meat]." 

6. "But cheese is so good, though!" 

7. "Don't you miss bacon?"

8. "What about eggs?"

To all the meat lovers out there: Stop. Just, stop.