How to Make the Perfect Mason Jar Salad

How to Make the Perfect Mason Jar Salad

The great thing about packing your lunch in a mason jar is that it not only looks cute, it also stays fresh and delicious. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver tackled mason jar salads in a video on his YouTube channel in 2015, and the resulting meal was portable, adorable and nutritious.

Oliver suggests layering ingredients in your jar salad so that you're getting a balanced meal with a balance of textures and flavors.

He also reccomends putting your crunchy elements at the top and your wet ingredients, like dressing, toward the bottom so they don't make your whole meal soggy. Oliver suggests a carb on the bottom — like rice, couscous or barley.

A simple homemade dressing (Oliver's example has yogurt, olive oil, salt, horseradish and lemon juice) goes in below the greens so they don't get soggy.

Choose a fruit, a leafy green and a crunchy thing, like your favorite nuts. Those all go up at the top. There you have it! The perfect jar salad is well within reach.

For more jar salad tips and tricks, watch Oliver's entire video.