You Have to Watch This Tesla Video to the End


There's a surprise twist to this driverless Tesla video and it isn't a grandma flipping out.

In a video posted on YouTube, you can watch in apprehension as what appears to be a Tesla Model S 90D backs itself very slowly out of the garage. 

Source: YouTube

"The future of self-driving cars?" the video inquires. The car pauses at seven seconds "while the cameraman gets out of the way," the user claims. Aw, the car cares about us! 

Source: YouTube

The sun glistens on the shiny metal, Elon Musk fans' groins tingling as the majestic machine drives itself, sans human, out of the garage. And then — 


Source: YouTube

A dog in the driver's seat. 

Source: YouTube

"Is this a car from the future?" 

Source: YouTube

The future is so fucking cute. 

Remember the dog in Seattle that rode the bus by itself to get to the park? In the future, dogs can just hop in their humans' driverless cars and hit the open road.

Source: YouTube