This Woman Rejected a "Nice Guy" and His Explosive Texts Are Going Viral

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Today in "Straight 'Nice Guys' Getting Rejected and Unleashing All Their Pent-Up Sexual Frustration and Rage Onto Unsuspecting Tinder Matches," we have the story of a Reddit-using woman named shesquatchy.

In a viral post from earlier this week, shesquatchy shared screenshots of the offending conversation from something that is not an iPhone. In the screenshots, she attempts to tell a guy she's been dating that she is no longer interested in seeing him. She makes sure to tell him that it's not him, it's her, and even apologizes for having potentially misled him.

And then the dude takes us on a long, rage-fueled journey in six emotionally exhausting acts — kind of like Lemonade! Except nothing at all like Lemonade.

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He seems nice! 

For more tales of nice guy syndrome — in which a dude pretends to be normal until a woman sexually rejects him, at which point he flips out — check out these other recent additions to the canon:

1. Man "revenge farts" on woman after she rejects him.

2. Man sends longwinded rants to woman via Twitter, Facebook and email demanding an explanation for his rejection.

3. Man sends woman 28 erratic texts in a row, flip-flopping between statements like "YOU'RE A PSYCHO BITCH!" and "Please call me now."

4. Man prints out detailed letter demanding an explanation from woman who blocked him on Tinder, tapes copies to telephone poles all over town.

Maybe all these dudes should track each other down and become friends. They can have a weekly poker night or start a fight club or something.

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