Someone Invented a DIY Mouse Trap That Solves the Animal Cruelty Problem


Old-fashioned mouse traps are horrifying. 

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Now there's a humane mouse trap that uses physics — instead of a death grip — thanks to a saint who posted a homemade alternative on YouTube.

What you'll need: Some lumber, screws, washers, an empty 2L bottle, a hanger and a smidgen of peanut butter. You will also need some tools and a knack for following instructions.

Here's how it works:

Mouse smells peanut butter. Is enticed.

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It uses the block of wood to climb into the bottle and take the bait. 

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When the mouse reaches the bottom, the bottle falls against the wooden block and Fievel is trapped AF.

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But alive! Alive and well!

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And unlike the wooden snap mouse trap, you don't have to dispose of an exposed dead rat corpse — you can bring the bottle outside and set the living, breathing vermin free.  

Source: YouTube