Extremely Hairy Man Poses Half-Naked for Body-Positive "Dudeoir" Photo Shoot

Extremely Hairy Man Poses Half-Naked for Body-Positive "Dudeoir" Photo Shoot

Dudeoir shoots — like boudoir shoots, but for dudes — have a tendency to go viral. What's not to love about hairy men with dad bods stripping down to their underwear and posing like lingerie models? (The answer is nothing. There's nothing not to love about that scenario.)

So when Arizona photographer Chad Castigliano was brainstorming ways to use his photography business to help raise funds for his wife's nonprofit organization, he thought he might be able to use the dudeoir trend to his advantage. So he asked his friend Tim to pose in the (semi)-buff for a steamy photo shoot, which subsequently went viral

"We contacted our friend Tim and asked if he would do it. And of course being the great, funny and loving guy he is, he agreed," Castigliano said in an email. "The photo shoot was completely ridiculous as you would expect, and after a little warming up, Tim got into it and had a lot of fun doing it."

Castigliano named the series and calendar "The Whimsical Woodman" for obvious reasons.

The nonprofit that Castigliano's wife, Jasmine, started is called Books to the Rescue! Yavapai County. It helps kids deal with crisis/emergency situations by providing first responders with backpacks "full of books, stuffed animals and things of that nature" to distract and comfort children when they need it most.

"[Jasmine] has gotten the Yavapai County Sheriff on board, and he wants them in every sheriff's department vehicle," Castigliano said. "So that's around $50,000 she would need to raise, crazy, but it would be amazing for her to accomplish."

Castigliano said that the reaction around the internet has been much bigger than he anticipated. People have reached out to share, among other things, personal stories about how Tim's unabashed confidence helped inspire them to be more body positive.

"Because Tim is so comfortable in his own skin, this turned into something we never thought of," he said.

Check out the Whimsical Woodman shop here.

h/t BuzzFeed