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Many Harry Potters fans have envisioned playing Quidditch in real life, and certainly, some have been able to. However, the limitations of real life Quidditch are apparent: Without magic, we can't get off the ground with our broomsticks no matter how hard we try. 

Take the game to the skies though, and you've got yourself a pretty daring Quidditch game. That's what a few lucky skydivers were able to do, thanks to a promotional effort by Colombian telecommunications company ETB. With the proper uniforms, broomsticks, equipment and two teams evenly divided, they went at it. And it looks awesome. 

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Now, the game was pretty quick (they are literally falling from the sky), but there was enough time for one player to score a point within the makeshift goal posts.  

Pretty impressive, Muggles. You can check out the full video below: 

Source: YouTube

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