This Couple Spoofed Pregnancy Reveals with Their Own Infertility Announcement

This Couple Spoofed Pregnancy Reveals with Their Own Infertility Announcement

Expectant couples have gotten wildly creative with their pregnancy announcements in recent years. From elaborately staged pregnancy test selfies to mock-up movie posters to an endless supply of "bun in the oven" puns, there's a pregnancy announcement trope for every personality type.

But what about couples who have trouble conceiving?

To commemorate National Infertility Awareness Week (which was April 24-30), Idaho couple Whitney and Spencer Blake decided to create their own cheeky little "infertility announcements" for their blog. In order to add some comedic relief to a typically dark subject, the couple created a series of standard pregnancy announcements — and then gave them chic infertility makeovers.

And so this:

Became this:

An estimated one in ten couples struggle with infertility, which means that one in ten couples will never be able to pose with their own jar of Prego pasta sauce and a sign reading "WE'RE" right above it — until now!

"Since humor is one of our coping mechanisms, we thought we'd use that to hop on the creative announcement bandwagon in our own infertile way," the Blakes wrote in a blog post.

"Of course, we're not suggesting infertile people announce their deepest struggle with a silly meme. Nor are we making fun of pregnant people. We've just found that laughing at our problems sometimes makes them feel smaller, and couldn't resist the chance to poke fun at infertility."

The Blakes explained on their blog that infertility ultimately led them to adoption, which is how they became parents to their two sons.

"Though the infertility is still there, the struggle is mostly not," they wrote. "What used to be such a consuming, challenging part of our life is now usually more of a passing thought. We are so grateful to be parents, but we have not forgotten how lonely and horrible infertility can feel, which is why we thought we'd create something to connect with others who are going through what we went through."

Check out more of infertility announcements at Whitney and Spencer's blog.

h/t the Huffington Post