This Guy Taught Siri How to Make a Cup of Coffee and You Can Too

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Just because Siri doesn't have hands, that doesn't mean she can't brew you a cup of coffee. 

With about $150 in supplies, you can power your coffeemaker by telling Siri "good morning," as shown in a video uploaded to YouTube; this command also turns on the lights. Nothing like the sweet smell of automation in the morning. 

Source: YouTube

Remember the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House? This guy made his own.

This bargain smart home is made possible thanks to a Raspberry Pi 3, a few smart LED bulbs, duct tape, a smart socket, some coding and tinkering and an open-source home automation platform — meaning you can customize what "good morning" means to you. Maybe it's illuminating your tiny-ass apartment kitchen and powering up the Keurig machine; maybe it's projecting a B*Witched music video onto your bedroom wall. C'est la vie.

Source: YouTube

Or maybe you want Siri to help you slam dunk da funk.

Source: YouTube

The smart-home-on-a-budget demo also features an "emergency party mode." The user tells Siri to "Start a party quick," triggering the lights to dim and change color play "What Is Love." Also, romance mode — activated by saying "big time sexy vibes time" — makes the lights red and plays "Sexual Healing" on the speakers. Sexy vibes. Big time. 

Source: YouTube