This Guy Made a Working Version of Captain America’s Shield

This Guy Made a Working Version of Captain America’s Shield

If your loins tingle for Marvel and you want to know what it feels like to summon thousands of pounds of metal with wave of the arm, it's your lucky day.

The Hacksmith uploaded a tutorial on YouTube that teaches you how to create your own Captain America electromagnet shield which can allegedly lift over 3,000 pounds. To put that into perspective, you should be able to lift a Toyota Corolla with your forearm. Holy shit. This electromagnet shield is so damn high-voltage, you shouldn't use it for more than a minute because it'll overheat, The Hacksmith warns. The sacrifices one has to make "to create awesome power." 

You'll need lithium-polymer batteries, electromagnets and some tools to hack together your replica Captain America shield. 

To prove his Captain America electromagnet shield does in fact work, the Hacksmith karate chops a bunch of stuff.

Stands in front of some fireworks (please for the love of god don't try this at home).

Illuminates some light bulbs.

Stops a moving truck in its tracks. 

And, throws a lot of heavy shit. 

Okay fine it's pretty cool — even if "Captain America: Civil War" is reportedly not very "exhilarating or exciting."