MIT Scientists Invented a Way to Attach an Extra Robotic Hand to Your Wrist

MIT Scientists Invented a Way to Attach an Extra Robotic Hand to Your Wrist

Why settle for one hand per wrist when you can have two?

A Ph.D. student in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces Group named Sang-won Leigh, along with MIT professor Pattie Maes, developed a wearable that can be attached to your wrist to give you some extra robofingers, Discovery News reported. Go go Gadget cyborg phalange. 

The multi-joint device is comprised of 11 motors connected by LEGOs, which each have a 180-degree range of motion, according to Discovery News. The robohand, which straps to your wrist, feeds cables to an armband sensor. This armband is what picks up the gesture-based activations, which are controlled by the wearer's brachioradialis — a forearm muscle that functions independently from hand movement. 

The project's video cites a bunch of use cases for your new metallic meathook companion. You can grab large objects, invent new ways to play an instrument, flip the pages of a book while holding it open, take one-handed notes and use it as an on-demand gaming joystick and trigger, since it can control a computer interface. 

Or you can just use it to hold your own hand so you feel less alone.

This futuristic strap-on paints a picture of a world where the unmodified human body just doesn't quite cut it. Instead, we turn to modern contraptions to artificially augment our anatomy. We're truly headed toward a neolution future.