The Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton Sketch on 'SNL' Perfectly Sums Up the 2016 Election


With the Democratic presidential primary season coming to a somewhat predictable end, Saturday Night Live decided to open their season 41 finale with Bernie Sanders (played by Larry David) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon).

Source: Mic/YouTube

In the sketch, Sanders and Clinton decide to play nice, have a beer and accept Clinton's almost inevitable nomination — but that doesn't stop each of them from throwing shots and commenting on the general apathy of this election cycle.

David-as-Sanders takes a shot at Clinton's establishment politician image, asking for a beer that's "a new brand that people are flocking to." 

Source: Mic/YouTube

He's not wrong; Sanders has had an edge over Clinton when it comes to millennials

But, Clinton seems to accept her high unfavorability ratings, because hey, she's still winning.

Source: Mic/YouTube

The frenemies also touched on the "rigged" electoral process, commenting on how even though Sanders keeps beating Clinton in primaries, it's still not enough.

In the end, the two unite in a dance number — although Clinton says she'll never let Sanders lead.

Source: Mic/YouTube

Watch the full sketch below:

Source: YouTube

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