Sephora Just Announced Some Awesome News for Those With Naturally Curly Hair

Sephora Just Announced Some Awesome News for Those With Naturally Curly Hair
Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Mirroring society's antiquated beauty ideals, hair products have generally been marketed towards, or even created for, straight and sleek textures. In order to combat this, Sephora has launched a campaign entitled "It's A Curly Thing" to help women with all types of curly hair find their perfect products in a sea of ones that might not work for them. 

Source: Sephora

Customers are asked to choose between four hair types: wavy, curly, coily and tightly coiled. Their selection brings about curated cleansers, detanglers, conditioners and hair masks among other products. 

Just because you own a product, doesn't mean you know how to get the best use out of it. And for that, Sephora asked natural curl experts like SunKissAlba, Naptural85 and NaturalMe4C to film step-by-step videos using an assortment of the recommended products. 

Source: YouTube

Many young girls are still being sent home from school, kicked off their cheerleading team and/or being called to the principal office for "crime" of wearing their natural 'dos. But, it's not just contained to the classroom as a Google search of "unprofessional hairstyles for work" brings about a slew of women with natural hair.  

So this campaign is coming at a pivotal time in the natural hair conversation, one when models, celebrities and brands alike are taking these discussions to the mainstream. 

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Last month, SheaMoisture launched the campaign #BreakTheWalls to bring awareness to the way the beauty industry has often made women of color feel secluded and segregated from white women. 

"[We need to] take steps to make sure we are including all people, and accentuating the beauty in all of us," SheaMoisture CEO Richelieu Dennis said in a phone interview at the time. 

It's these brands and influencers — along with Sephora — that are taking steps toward the inclusion of all women, regardless of whether they have "wide-set ripples" or "tight, springy coils."