Powerful Video Nails What It Really Means to Be "Antisocial"

Powerful Video Nails What It Really Means to Be "Antisocial"

Common scenario: Your friend asks if you want to go to the party at Joe's house.

You're answer: No, I'm feeling antisocial tonight. 

Turns out, you may have been using the wrong term. What you're really feeling is "asocial."

Psych2Go illustrated the difference between the two: 

Antisocial personality disorder is a disorder that usually develops in late childhood. The video suggests that someone with ASPD has characteristics similar to those of a psychopath. 

Asocial, on the other hand, is used to "describe a person's behavior that is characterized by the deliberate avoidance of social interaction." 

It is sometimes seen in those that have personality, autism spectrum or mood disorders.

Bottom line: Antisocial is not the correct term to use when you simply don't feel like hanging out with your pals from high school at the local bar. 

View the full explainer video below: