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After noticing homeless people during her walks to and from school in Irvine, California, 9-year-old Khloe Thompson decided to start her own charity — dubbed Khloe Kares.

For her altruistic work, Thompson passes out hand-sewn cloth bags filled with life's little necessities — such as feminine hygiene products, soap, socks and toothpaste — to homeless women. 

Khloe Kares has become a generational organization, since Thompson works with her mother and grandmother to make and deliver the care packages. 

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Unlike plastic bags, Thompson's "sturdy" Kare Bags are meant to last "forever," she told Upworthy

"You make me feel like a human being," one woman told Thompson after receiving a Kare Bag, according to Thompson's mother. 

In Los Angeles, homelessness is reaching epidemic proportions, accounting for almost two-thirds of the nation's homeless population. In January, 2016, the homeless population in LA was found to be 11% higher than one year before. 

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Thompson's work doesn't stop at Kare Bags. She recently hosted a GoFundMe campaign to fund a toy drive that would supply "dolls and trucks" to children in group homes, as well as the charity filing fees that would turn Khloe Kares into a 501(c)3 charity organization. Thompson surpassed her goal of $10,000 by almost $3,000. 

"I want to inspire other kids to be great and to make your mark on this earth," Thompson said on her website

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