Boys' Tribute to Muhammad Ali Is Equal Parts Cute and Empowering


After boxing legend Muhammad Ali died at 74 on Friday, tributes flooded the media.

Some lauded him for "transcending" race, but this powerful video uploaded to YouTube on Monday puts it in perspective.

Ali didn't ignore race. He was outspoken and proudly black, making race a centerpiece of his identity.

Few tributes captured this sentiment as well as this one.

"I am America," the video begins quoting one of Ali's most famous statements about race, "I am the part you won't recognize."

Source: YouTube

"But get used to me. Black. Confident. Cocky."

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The video ends with a powerful send-off to Ali.

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The video was created by Because of Them We Can, a campaign to empower black children through the stories of black heroes, past and present.

Watch the whole thing here:

Source: YouTube