Legally Blind Astronomer Can See the Night Sky Better Than Most


At nighttime, amateur astronomer Tim Doucette can often be found peeking into a telescope within his personal observatory. But, during the day he only has about 10% of his eyesight. 

In a Great Big Story video posted Sunday, "The Blind Astronomer of Nova Scotia," Doucette, who was born with congenital cataracts, discusses how he realized his lack of eyesight was a unique gift. 

Growing up, it was easy to become discouraged. 

Source: YouTube

While the average person's pupil automatically adjusts for the amount of light coming in, Doucette's pupil is always open. 

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But at night, after a few surgeries, he realized he was able to see a bit more light than most people.

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Many see fuzzy patches, while Doucette is able to see colors. 

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More importantly, when he looks at the sky, his problems and doubts no longer matter. 

Watch the full video below:

Source: YouTube

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