This Artist's Powerful Nude Photoshoot Proves How Beautiful Self-Love Can Be

Source: Amy Jo Wisehart

Portland, Oregon based photographer started the "Nude in Nature" project Jan. 1, in which she decided to post a nude photo of herself every week of the year to Facebook

Her reasoning: She wants to see the beauty within her own body, as well as help others love their own bodies. 

"Our bodies are the vessels we are contained by and regardless of the size of them we are able to achieve great things," she said in an email. "I've taken my ultimate weakness and insecurities and turned it into a beautiful project that gets me outside, hiking, and enjoying my body."

It helped her stop thinking about what other's thought. 

"I'm beautiful regardless of what you think. Know why? Because I know I am and that's all that matters."

And overcome self hate. 

"I have a lot of extra weight that I gained over the past few years because of unhappiness, happiness, injuries, etc. Does that make me any less beautiful? No."

She stopped comparing herself to others. 

"I look back and say 'what the hell?' I gave in to everyone else's beliefs about what looks good and let myself believe that as well."

Because, after all, it's her body and she loves every inch of it. 

'We need to open our minds and realize that just because someone doesn't fit your 'ideal' it doesn't mean that it's not right or good," she wrote on Facebook. "My body, my life."

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