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On Tuesday, social media mastermind and clap-back queen Chrissy Teigen gave presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump a very sweet birthday message over Instagram.

In the caption of the photo that depicts the now-70-year-old Trump mid-speech, Teigen wrote, "Happy birthday, you monumental asshole."

A photo posted by (@) on

Teigen and Trump have some not-so-good blood. Last year, the two went to battle when the Republican presidential candidate announced that he was meeting with some black pastors. 

Teigen tweeted out at him to not brag about it — and called him a "twat." 

Trump shot back, calling the supermodel a "trashy gutter mouth woman," and insisting she didn't compare to his wife Melania's "beauty and eloquence."

Trump's comments happened to come on Teigen's 30th birthday — and she called the put-down "the greatest birthday gift ever."

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