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Kim Kardashian West would never miss an excuse to take a selfie. 

Though the reality star and business mogul was late to National Selfie Day, a day for front-facing camera awareness, the queen of social media gifted her fans with a shot of her half-naked torso. "Wait u didn't think I would forget about National Selfie Day!" She captioned the Instagram photo. "DUH." 

Duh, indeed. In her body glamour shot, Kardashian West appears to be standing on a window sill in nothing but her underwear, possibly giving passersby below a very lovely view of her famous behind. Her hair is strewn across her shoulders and her face can't be seen, giving the snap an air of sex appeal and sheer flawlessness.

Kim Kardashian snaps a photo for National Selfie DaySource: Instagram
Kim Kardashian snaps a photo for National Selfie Day  Instagram

Did Kardashian West forget she snapped a selfie just four hours before? She posted another photo from an apparent business meeting doing her standard selfie pose: head angled downward, camera lifted above the face, face turned and eyes slanted, brows, lips and everything else of course on fleek. 

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Surprisingly, only one other Kardashian sister celebrated National Selfie Day: Kourtney.

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