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It seems like iOS 10 is bringing infinite changes to the iPhone. Just over a week after Apple announced the new operating system, people are still discovering new things it can do. 

9to5Mac found 30 new features on iOS 10 and demonstrated them all in a quick video:

Source: YouTube

We've chosen a few major updates from 9to5Mac's list.

1. Use your iPhone as a substitute for a magnifying glass. 

MagnifierSource: Mic/YouTube
Magnifier  Mic/YouTube

2. Watch videos in articles without obscuring the text. 

Videos in articlesSource: Mic/YouTube
Videos in articles  Mic/YouTube

3. Close all of your Safari tabs with one tap.

Close all tabsSource: Mic/YouTube
Close all tabs  Mic/YouTube

4. In the Photos app, swipe up on a photo to see similar pictures you've taken.

Related photosSource: Mic/YouTube
Related photos  Mic/YouTube

As more people get their hands on iOS 10, more features are sure to come to light. If you want iOS 10 before all your friends get it, it'll cost you $99 to get a developer's beta. But if you don't mind waiting, iOS 10 will be released to everyone free of cost in the fall. 

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