Oh my God, Becky, look at that hashtag.

The latest trending topic on Twitter is one that encourages users to share pictures of their butts — especially if they're big.

It is called #FatAssesBreakTheInternet, presumably a nod to Kim Kardashian West's infamous "break the internet" magazine cover. The body-positive hashtag has already inspired a number of Twitter users to flaunt their curves and strike suggestive ass-poses.

Some people are even getting a little (sorry) *cheeky* (sorry) with their contributions!

It appears that the hashtag was first proposed on June 11 by @_ACE_BOOGIE200, but didn't quite take off until early Friday morning when @HeyItSyri included it in a tweet, along with a bootylicious video.

Just a little dollop of body positivity to start your weekend!

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