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Here's the title of the hottest new video on Pornhub: "Dumb British blonde fucks 15 million people at once."

But wait. There's a twist!

The dumb blonde is actually former London mayor Boris Johnson, and the 15 million people are British voters.

Source: Pornhub
Source: Pornhub

Uploaded by the throwaway Pornhub account BrexitVote, the video is of a Brexit speech by Johnson, who is a vocal leader of the campaign to leave the EU. Given the strongly-worded title, it's probably safe to say that BrexitVote was very upset with last week's Brexit results, in which approximately 52% of British voters called for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union. 

"I think we can be very proud of the result [of the Leave campaign]," Johnson said in his speech, which currently has more than 30,000 views on Pornhub. 

You can watch the full (SFW) video of the speech here.

Source: YouTube

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