Chrissy Teigen Approves of Kim Kardashian's "Amazing" Soul Food Cooking

Chrissy Teigen Approves of Kim Kardashian's "Amazing" Soul Food Cooking

Social media guru and noted gourmand Chrissy Teigen gave pal Kim Kardashian West's soul food feast an A-plus, with her husband John Legend comparing it to "the kind you'd have after church on Sundays."

The star-studded taste test was part of Kardashian West's campaign to clear her name after her cooking skills were dragged on Twitter last week.

"I need your reaction as a verification to the world of people who think I don't know how to make soul food," Kardashian West says in her Snapchat

After taking a bite, Teigen, who recently released her own cookbook, Cravings, called it "amazing." "Oh damn," she says in the clip. "This is better than mine."

"It's very old-school too," Legend adds. 

Kardashian West's #SoulFoodSundays extravaganza included cornbread, mac and cheese, green beans, collard greens and chicken. 

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