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Remember Lisa Frank — the rainbow-unicorn-dolphin-puppy fever dream of a brand responsible for vomiting small, colorful animals all over your Trapper Keepers in the 1990s? 

Well now — as in 2016 — it's hurtling back with a vengeance, and this time it's assuming the form of a series of adult coloring books.

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The brand shared the happy news by way of Instagram, where it announced that the books were simply "coming soon." 

Later, a Facebook administrator revealed in comments to fans on Lisa Frank's official page that the books would be available sometime next month at Dollar General stores, according to Bustle.

The only sneak peek of the book's contents available thus far is the image used for the Instagram announcement — but it seems to indicate that flowers, starbursts and tutu-clad bunnies still win the day at Lisa Frank.

For those who can't wait a full month to mainline glittery, rainbow '90s nostalgia, take heart: There's surely a hefty selection of Lisa Frank stickers available on eBay to tide you over. 

Also, this rainbow ice cream sundae in outer space. 

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